Programs to assist wellness tourism

Okinawa prefecture offers support to companies making efforts to create travel products that make use of wellness content. The purpose is to encourage the creation of travel products featuring wellness programs while also establishing and reinforcing the related foundation for distribution.


Maeda Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Nordic walking package development and sales, making the most of Motobu’s charm.

Hotel Mahaina has coordinated wellness tourism initiatives based on health and recuperation in the past, and has put forth a wellness promotion plan that leverages the resources of Motobu. However, some outstanding problems remain with respect to package details, advertising, and sales operations.
Consequently, we went back to uncover natural resources at Hotel Mahaina and its surroundings, learned from success stories of other regions, developed products leveraging flowers & the sea, Mt. Tachu & the sunset, and Bise-Fukugi tree road, and put the products on sale.


■Action Items
  1. Develop Nordic walking package
  2. Scout leading cases
  3. Research health and wellness evidence
  4. Hands-on travel agency monitor tour
  5. Sell product
  6. Develop promotional tools
  7. Okinawan travel agency sales
■Package Overview
  1. ①Ocean Expo Park Southern Course (approximately 6.0 km/requires roughly 3 hours)
  2. ②Bise Village & Ocean Expo Park Northern Course (approximately 6.0 km/requires roughly 3.5 hours)
  3. ③Sunset Course (approximately 3.5 km/requires roughly 2 hours)
■Health value
  • Burn calories at a rate roughly 20% higher than normal walking
  • Low stress on knees and joints
  • The soothing effects of the sea, flowers, Bise-Fukugi tree road, sunset, and more
  • Better sleep at night

※May vary by person.


■Upcoming developments

Sell the Nordic walking tour year-round and push forward refining the package, developing new courses and reviewing the prices as we gauge customer reaction.


Hotel Mahaina Wellness Resort Okinawa
1456 Yamakawa, Motobu-cho, Kunigami District, Okinawa 905-0205
Hotel Reservations Only Tel: 0980-51-7488 (Hours: 09:00-18:00)

Medical Corporation Okinawa Tokushukai Group Nanbu Tokushukai Hospital

Health Screening Promotions Domestic & Foreign amongst Chinese and English Speakers / Advanced Facilities Observation

The Corporation is raising a belief motto as "The Hospital that Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone is able to receive the best Medical Care". We were the first to get accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) in Okinawa on December 2015, and also JMIP in August 2016.We are promoting internationalizing medical field in Okinawa the major travel industry.
We implemented this promotion of Health Screening Courses as the subsidized project for patients that they may have a abundant life with a peace of mind in rest of thier lives by providing a safe, secure and high quality medical service among Asian people mainly Chinese.


■Action Items
  1. Surveying the needs among mainly Chinese.
  2. Both domestic and foreign promotion activities.
  3. Training of both Interpreter, and Staffs to improve their skills.
  4. Visiting to see JMIP accredited Hospitals (Shonan Kamakura General Hospital/Shonan Fujisawa Tokushukai Hospital/Sapporo Higashi Tokusyukai Hospital).
  5. Exploring promoted tools
■Health Screening amongst People from foreign countries.
  1. ①We are prepared to receive 1-4 non-Japanese persons for the Health Screening Programs during a week, and Saturdays and Sundays are exclusively available for non-Japanese Personnel(Appointments Only) for 5-15 people.
  2. ②There are variety of Courses/Options/Stand a lone available for the varied needs.
  3. ③Cancer gene detection exam mRNA are introduced.
■Health value

In case a cancer is detected and other sickness are diagnosed, our hospital is ready to provide treatments. It is possible to detect smaller cancer cells by using the cancer detection exam "mRNA". (Our hospital is one of only two in all medical facilities in Okinawa) We are JCI and JMIP accredited hospital, and provide safe medical savice for patients from world wide.

■Upcoming developments

Our Hospital will stay in touch with domestic and foreign travel agencies for the patients to select us to be treated or for the Health Screening purposes. More over, we would like to build a better service system so that we can provide appropriate medical service that individuals desire. We also would like to help to build a structure in hope that many more medical organizations to participate.


Medical Corporation Okinawa Tokushukai Group Nanbu Tokushukai Hospital
1-171 Hokama, Yaese-Cho Shimajirigun Okinawa 901-0493

Yomitan Kukuru Resort Okinawa Co., Ltd.

Health and wellness getaway in Yomitan — A wellness resort pilot tour that “brings a smile to both body and mind”

The village of Yomitan where our Murasaki Mura Historical Village is located features a wealth of resources for tourism including natural surroundings, culture, and cuisine. We had a renowned professional who makes waves domestically review these resources, and we aimed to develop a package that gets at the essence of wellness tourism. We also leverage the Moveband wearable device from Docomo Healthcare Co., Ltd., to gauge health effects following participation in the tour, thereby providing added value to the package.
This fiscal year, we compiled the first-hand experience contents of the package into a pamphlet and visited companies and organizations outside of Okinawa to elicit feedback.


■Action Items
  1. Conduct monitor tours (twice)
  2. Research health and wellness evidence
  3. Produce pamphlet for sales promotions
  4. Sales to companies outside of Okinawa
■Tour contents
  • Okinawan cooking lesson
  • Yomitan village walking
  • Beach yoga
  • Healthy foods featuring Okinawan ingredients
  • Walking at Yachimun no Sato (Pottery Village)
  • Lecture on wellness, exercise, and diet
  • Walking at the Zakimi Castle ruins
■Health value
  • Soothing effects that will bring a smile to both the body and mind thanks to morning yoga and a stroll along the beach
  • Exercise from walking while taking a look around Yachimun and the Zakimi Castle ruins
  • Healthy foods making use of Okinawan ingredients
■Upcoming developments

In light of the results from the feedback we gathered from companies and groups outside of Okinawa this year, we anticipate this package to develop as a hands-on program that can be offered year-round. We also have the base in place to become a leading mecca for yoga in Okinawa, including our “Okinawa Satsang Yoga & Music Festival,” and are considering developing this into a program as the number of hotels oriented toward the wealthy is expected to grow in the future.


Murasaki Mura Historical Village
1020-1 Takashiho, Yomitan, Okinawa 904-0323

Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna Co., Ltd.

Creating a wellness promotion tour leveraging Thalassotherapy through partnerships with wellness and fitness instructors from outside Okinawa

Creating a wellness promotion tour leveraging Thalassotherapy through partnerships with wellness and fitness instructors from outside Okinawa,Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna is fully-equipped with 14 types of jacuzzis, exercise pools, and saunas featuring fresh, warm sea water, enabling visitors to experience authentic Thalassotherapy firsthand.


This project targeted instructors and fitness club members who are highly health-conscious in order to efficiently and effectively connect limited business resources to bringing in new customers to create a package that conveys Okinawa’s trademark uniqueness and worldview.


We formed a tour incorporating field fitness that can be experienced in the midst of natural surroundings with detox water, mash vinegar, and wellness food making the most of local ingredients to support participants during the tour, and more. We also participate in monitored tours oriented toward highly health-conscious women.


For the program we produced this fiscal year, we conducted feasibility studies and researched needs to determine whether we can collaborate with fitness gyms and instructors from outside Okinawa.


■Action Items
  1. Package development
  2. Conduct monitored tours (twice)
  3. Produce pamphlets
  4. Research feasibility of collaboration with other companies
■Tour contents:
  • Wellness food
  • Beauty-treatment clinic
  • Cycling (approximately 18 km)
  • Beach yoga
  • Paddle fitness (SUP)
  • Mermaiding
  • Thalasso Fitness
■Key Points:

Everything from Okinawa’s natural surroundings to its climate make for exciting exercise in the fitness field. Comfort and relaxation from beauty-treatment clinics and WATSU (extreme aqua therapy) Meals tailored to each program by an athletic food master supervisor


■Upcoming developments

We have acquired knowledge pertaining to developing wellness tourism packages and conducting tours, and thus would like to leverage this knowledge to grow the number of collaborating companies and organizations outside Okinawa.
In addition, we also hope to build relationships with fitness club instructors outside Okinawa and connect our relationships to regularly-occurring fitness tours.


Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna
1817 Kanna, Ginoza, Kunigami District, Okinawa 904-1304


East Hometown Okinawa Co., Ltd.

Fasting and Yoga Monitoring in NanjoDetox & remake plans for stays of 2 to 3 nights

This is a wellness program with a strong narrative quality, including abundant content in a natural environment. Incorporating fasting practices that are particularly effective for detoxification, an environment conducive to relaxation and a yoga and sightseeing menu, this tour is designed to relieve stress throughout your stay. Accommodations are in a rental cottage reserved exclusively for the free use of participants. Recovery begins with enzyme juices, cold-pressed juices, smoothies and fruit. Original herb teas you can blend are also among a fasting menu that incorporates locally-produced, locally-consumed items. Workshops with a fasting coach are also a part of the program, in which you can learn the correct, fun way to highly effective fasting. Amid the many changes the body undergoes as it manifests the healing reaction, the incorporation of yoga practice provides a change of pace. This is a kind of fasting that treats the mind and body gently, as you listen to what your body is telling you and act accordingly. Detox your spirit while gazing at a beautiful blue sky.


Additional monitoring tours
①Spirit Island Kudakajima, with Healing Yoga, a spiritual guidance & yoga plan
②YPool SUP Yoga with In-Yoga, energy-charge plan by Yin & Yang


East Home Town Okinawa Co., Ltd.
539 Kudeken, Chinen, Nanjo 901-1511
Phone: 098-949-1184 / Fax: 098-948-1108
E-mail: (Tamaki)

Global Standard Ltd.

Body Maintenance Tour for women, making the most of the western coast at Ginowan

This is a tour in which female travelers can alleviate some of the concerns that only women have, while enjoying a resort that makes the most of the natural setting of Ginowan on Okinawa prefecture’s western coast. Enjoy the plentiful variety of the Laguna Garden Hotel’s breakfast smorgasbord. We recommend the “Laguna Salad Zone”, featuring an overwhelming variety of dishes to choose from. Early morning and sunset yoga classes are held on the tropical beach right in front of the hotel. There’s something special about experiencing yoga amid the grandeur of such natural beauty. Then we move on to the main activity, snorkeling. We start the menu of activities designed by world free-diving champion Tomoka Fukuda with practice in a shallow pool where even beginners will feel comfortable. Once you have the basics down, we move on to the sea. Although only 20 minutes from the city streets of Naha, you can see an abundance of coral here. We finish with Natural Hot Spring Aroma, a blissful time spent in healing natural waters after the day’s exertions. This is a tour that makes every drop of Ginowan’s charm available to you.


Ginowan Marine Support Center
7-10-27 Oyama, Ginowan, 901-2223
Phone: 098-942-2200
E-mail: (Sato)
Language: Japanese/Chinese/English

Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna Co., Ltd.

Moonlit Night on the Sea Spa

Moonlit Night on the Sea Spa features a new night-resort menu offering an experience of a space enveloped in the blessings of the sea. Enjoy the star-filled night sky to your heart’s content in our 14 kinds of warm-seawater Jacuzzi bath. Using evocative local flora including shell ginger, mozuku sea greens, hibiscus and tankan citrus fruit, our Okinawan-flavored Jacuzzi baths provide a new way of spending evenings indulging the five senses in an experience available nowhere else. After the healing experience of a fragrant, moonlit evening Jacuzzi bath, we move on to the relaxation menu. In addition to watsu (water-shiatsu) and esthetic treatments, enjoy mud packs together with friends, or try out mermaid swimwear that enables you to experience swimming like a sea creature. These are among the fantastic experiences of the sea at night that you will enjoy. Meals are provided in buffet-style in cooperation with local restaurants in the village of Ginoza, with dishes abounding in Okinawan produce.


Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna
1817 Kanna, Ginoza, Kunigami-gun, 904-1304
Phone: 098-983-2323

Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo

Learning to Improve Metabolic Syndrome

This is a tour program built around your stay and taking guidance to improve metabolic syndrome as its theme. You can feel free to experience the programs offered within the hotel through the hotel group’s partnership with healthcare institutions. Medical check-ups (including blood sampling) by doctors, healthcare courses and exercise coaching are included, as well as a welcome attention to detail in caring for mind and body, with calorie-calculated meals designed for the physical condition of the participant. In addition, this is a program that you can continue with self-directed health improvement after returning home. Together with your memories of your trip, we hope you will incorporate the program into your lifestyle.


Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo
1688 Shinzato, Sashiki, Nanjo City, Okinawa 901-1412
Phone: 098-947-0111 / Fax: 098-947-0116
Language: Japanese


■Notes on application submission■
Application deadline: 40 days prior
Limited three-day program: Tues., Wed., Thurs.
Number of participants: 10-20
・Stop eating by 9:00 P.M. on the night before the tour, and refrain from breakfast on the day of the tour.
 Note: You may drink water.
・On the tour, please wear clothing that is easy to move in.
・Shoes should be comfortable and suited to activity.
・Please refrain from all alcohol consumption and snacking during the tour.
 Note: You may consume water, tea, gum and candy prepared by the tour office.


The following documents must be submitted as a condition of tour participation:
1.Medical questionnaire or “check sheet”
2.Copies of results from all medical exams undergone within the previous year
3.Medication notebook or a copy of the list of all medications you are currently taking (only for participants who are currently taking medication)
Please note in advance that, depending on exam content, some patients will be unable to participate based on a doctor’s determination.