Medical Examination

A detailed medical checkup using the most advanced medical equipment

Periodic health care is essential to living a healthy life. Medical examinations contribute to the maintenance of health as well as the prevention and early detection of disease by evaluating your physical condition through consultation and tests. They not only allow for early treatment, but they can also be highly effective in disease prevention. On a medical tour in Okinawa, we will assist in your health care, first providing a reliable medical examination using the latest medical technology, then offering guidance in lifestyle-related disease prevention and advice to improve your health based on the results.

PET scan

PET scans are one method of screening for cancer. A special tracer agent is injected which highlights cancer cells. The cancer cells can then be identified using a dedicated scanner if they are present. Today, ever smaller cancers can be detected, enabling doctors to start treatment earlier and less burdens on the patient.

Full Medical Checkup

A full medical checkup with tests for many aspect of your health can discover the early signs of illness before subjective symptoms appear. It’s also a good opportunity to get advice and guidance on diet and exercise based on the test results, which can be useful in preventing disease.

Health Assessment Examination for Foreign Guests

Health Assessment Examination Service for Foreign Guests,
Medical Examination Center of Chubu Medical Association

At Medical Examination Center of Chubu Medical Association, we are ready to accept foreign guests taking health assessment examinations and gynecological examinations. We have prepared an environment to accept them with a proffesional staff and organic meals. Reservations can be made at Laforesta Medical Support Center , where overseas guests can consult with the staff over their needs and requests, so that the guests will be able to receive satisfying health examinations. (Currently English correspondence only.)



Medical Examination Center of Chubu Medical Association
1-584 Miyagi, Chatan-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa 904-0113 Japan
TEL:098-936-8290(Direct line) FAX:098-926-0510

Laforesta Medical Support Center
3-7-2 Chuo, Okinawa-shi, Okinawa 904-0004 Japan


We support early detection with the most advanced facilities

At our medical checkup center, we provide a full medical checkup, a full brain checkup, and a PET cancer checkup using the most advanced equipments. You can receive a high precision PET scan at Toyosaki Clinic.



Tomishiro Central HospitalToyosaki Clinic
1-412 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa 901-0225 Japan
TEL:098-840-5151 FAX:098-840-5152



Tomishiro Central Hospital Medical Checkup Center
3-49 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa 901-0225
TEL:098-852-2000 FAX:098-850-5381

Early detection of cancer by PET scan

At Chibana Clinic Cancer Diagnosis Center, the examinations are done with the new generation PET-CT device equipped with the most advanced high-resolution LSO detector which contribute to early detection and early treatment. Receiving high precision examinations is the most effective counter-plan for cancer.



Chibana Clinic

Chibana Clinic
6-25-15 Chibana, Okinawa-shi, Okinawa 904-2143 Japan