What is Okinawa Medial Tourism?

Wellness at resort brings happiness

Wellness means to make oneself healthy by harmonizing nutirion, exercise and relaxation to eventually realize a fuller and happier life. The wellness movement which started in the United States in the 1960s now has spread worldwide, including Japanl. Especially in Okinawa floating on the ocean south to the Japan's mainland, the wellness industry to heal mind and body in a resort setting surrounded by the lush subtropical nature has blossomed and is attracting great attention.

Blessed with blue ocean and sky, blooming colorful flowers, and the annual average temperature of 22-23℃, Okinawa once prospered by trade with Asian countries. It is now known as an island of longevity with its ingrained food culture based on the idea that food and medicine have the same root.The wellness program taking advantage of such unique character of the island is a hospitality special to Okinawa where visitors can regain their health of mind and body. While enjoying the subtropical resort life, you can experience beauty, health, relaxation and healing by taking the special programs of spas and beauty treatments, medical programs aiming at health management and food programs for healthy diet.