Costomer's Comments

Visitors who received medical services in Okinawa have been very satisfied.

Okinawan beaches rival those of Hawaii

My first impression of Okinawa was clean air and wonderful natural scenery. The beaches are beautiful as much as those of Hawaii. The sub-health checkup approach and program with its associated health guidance and evening meals, were excellent.

  • Shanghai Female, 30s, Entrepreneur
  • Sub-health checkup (March 2012)

The hospitality was exceptional!Now I’d like to receive long term health guidance

The staffs have a wonderful approach to service, and the hospitality was exceptional. At the hospital, there was plenty of time for consultation and the staff answered all my questions nicely. You don’t get service like this in China. Japanese medical technology is advanced, and now I’d like to receive long term health guidance and advice from a specialist.

  • Shanghai Male, 50s, Company President
  • Full medical checkup and PET scan (March 2012)

Relaxation with my first experience of thalassotherapy

I was surprised that thalassotherapy is so new. I was nervous at first, but the staffs were so kind and helpful that I found it more relaxing than I expected. I’d love to try it again. Most people in China don’t know about Okinawa. I wish more could be done to publicize the beautiful sea and fresh food of Okinawa.

  • Shanghai Female, 50s
  • Full medical checkup and PET scan (March 2012)

What I learned can be applied to my usual days back in my home country

The rehabilitation menu and the warm climate of Okinawa are very well matched. I began to feel much better while I attended the clinic during my stay. I want to use what I learned when I get home.

  • Vladivostok Female, 40s
  • Various Rehabilitation

I was grateful for the kindness of the staff The service is gracious and professional

Okinawa offers a full menu of rehabilitation, and I was able to sort out my problem. The staffs were kind and professional, and the beauty treatments were far better than I’ve had in other countries. I was very satisfied.

  • Vladivostok Male, 50s, Company President
  • Various Rehabilitation